Date of Birth: May 13, 1956
Nationality: Chilean-Italian
Phones:  + (562) 2 242-6887, Cel. + (569) 7 4300-216
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1984 Ph.D. in Economics. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.),USA.

1979 Master in Economics. Catholic University of Chile.

1979 Economist. Catholic University of Chile.

Currently Founder and President, International Center for Globalization and Development, CIGLOB.

2013- present Associate Professor –Catholic University of Chile.

2010-2011 Director, Latin American School of Social Science (FLACSO-Chile) and Chairman of the Executive Committee, FLACSO-System.

2001- 2009 Regional Advisor, Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, United Nations.

2001 Economic Adviser, Research Department, World Bank

1997– 2000 Director, Country Management Unit, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela, Latin America and Caribbean Region, the World Bank.

1994- 1997 Executive Director for Chile and Ecuador
Board of Executive Directors, Inter-American Development Bank.
Executive Director for Chile Inter-American Development Bank and Inter-American Investment Corporation

1994 – 1997 Representative for Chile
Donors Committee, Multilateral Investment Fund.

1994 – 1996 Alternate Executive Director for Argentina and Chile
Board of Executive Directors
Executive Director for Chile and Colombia
Board of Executive Directors
Inter-American Investment Corporation.

1988 – 1994 Senior Economist, The World Bank. Macroeconomic and Growth Division. Vice-presidency of Development Economics.

1984 – 1988 Economist, PREALC/OIT, Regional Program for Employment Latin America and the Caribbean, International Labor Office, United Nations.

1982 – 1987 Research Fellow, CIEPLAN, Corporación de Investigaciones Económicas para América Latina.

Associate Professor of Economics, Department of Economics, Catholic University of Chile.

Project Director. International Mobility of Talent. Multi-country
Project sponsored by the World Institute of Development Economic
Research, based in Helsinki, Finland along with UN-ECLAC, 2005-2008.
Project Coordinator. REDIMA (Macroeconomic Dialogue Network) of Central Banks and Ministries of Finance of Latin American
Countries supported by the European Commission and executed by ECLAC, 2005-2008.
Project Coordinator International Migration in Latin America, ECLAC-IDB, 2006-2008.
Project Coordinator. Social Protection and International Migration in Latin America. ECLAC-BID, 2006-2008.

Chilean Ministry of Labor and Social Security



International Monetary Fund

Inter-American Development Bank

International Labor Office

World Bank


Ministry of Labor and Social Security-Chile


United Nations University

Currently Member Steering Committee of Metropolis (international public-
private network on migration).

Currently Member of the Editorial Board Series on Central Banking, Analysis, and Economic Policies, Central Bank of Chile.

1995-2008 General Editor: Book Series Development and Inequality in the Market Economy. The University of Michigan Press.

1998-2000 Member of Steering Committee of Post-Conflict Fund, World Bank.

1996 – 1997 Chairman, Programming Committee Board of Executive Directors Inter-American Development Bank

2016 Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia.

2016 Greek Ministry of Labor, Social Security and Social Solidarity. .

2015 Oxford-CAF-Fellow, Saint Antony’s College, Oxford University ( Michaelmas Term)

1991-2015 University College of London, Institute of the Americas
Stockholm University, Institute of Latin America
Oxford University
Cambridge University
United Nations University
Louisiana State University
Georgetown University, United States
Yale University, United States
University of Paris III- Sorbonne Nouvelle
Columbia University, United States.
University of Havana, Cuba
Queen Elizabeth House, Oxford University, United Kingdom.
Academy of Sciences of Prague, Czech Republic.
Toulaine University, New Orleans.
University of Toronto, Canada.
Moscow University, Russia.
Cambridge University, United Kingdom.
University of Rome, Tor Vergata, Italy.
Swedish Secretariat of International Cooperation, Stockholm, Sweden.
Economic Policy Analysis Unit, Bolivia.
Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico, Mexico.

2012 Visiting Professor, Prague University of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic.

2008 Visiting Fellow, Watson Institute for International Studies, Brown University, Rhode Island, USA.

Sole Author

2016 Global Capitalism in Disarray : Inequality, Debt and Austerity. Oxford University Press.

2015 Elites Económicas, Crisis y el Capitalismo del Siglo 21. Fondo de Cultura Económica, Mexico y Chile.

2014 Economic Elites, Crises and Democracy Oxford University Press. Oxford and New York.

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2012 Chile and the Neoliberal Trap. The Post-Pinochet Era. Cambridge University Press. Cambridge, UK and New York.

2012 Capitalismo a la Chilena. Y la Prosperidad de las Elites. Editorial Catalonia, Santiago, Chile.

2010 International Migration in the Age of Crisis and Globalization. Cambridge University

Press. Cambridge, UK and New York.



2008 The International Mobility of Talent: Types, Causes and Development Impact, Editor, Oxford University Press, Oxford and New York.

2008 Las Termitas del Estado. Ensayos sobre Corrupción, Transparencia y Desarrollo (with Vito Tanzi and Felipe del Solar), Fondo de Cultura Económica – Centro Internacional de Globalización y Desarrollo, Santiago, Chile.

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2005 Political Crises, Social Conflict and Economic Development. The Political Economy of the Andean Region, Editor, Edward Elgar Publishers, Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, MA, USA.

2002 Crisis and Dollarization in Ecuador. Stability, Growth and Social Equity. Editor, Directions in Development, The World Bank (with Paul Beckerman).

2001 Colombia: Essays on Conflict, Peace and Development, Andrés Solimano, Editor, The World Bank, SIDA. Conflict Prevention and Post-conflict

Reconstruction Series.

2000 Distributive Justice and Economic Development. The Case of Chile and Developing Countries, Editor, The University of Michigan Press, (with Eduardo Aninat and Nancy Birdsall).

2000 La Desigualdad Social. Valores, Crecimiento y El Estado, Andrés Solimano, Editor, Fondo de Cultura Económica, México.

1998 Social Inequality: Values, Growth and the State, Editor, The University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor.

1998 Los Caminos de la Prosperidad. Ensayos sobre Crecimiento y Desarrollo, Andrés Solimano, Editor, Fondo de Cultura Económica, México.

1996 Road-Maps to Prosperity: Essays on Growth and Development, Editor,University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor.

1994 Rebuilding Capitalism: Alternative Roads after Socialism and Dirigisme, Editor, The University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor (with Osvaldo Sunkel and Mario I. Blejer).

1993 Striving for Growth after Adjustment. The Role of Capital Formation, Editor, World Bank, Washington D.C. (with Luis Servén).

2010-2011 Member of the International Review Panel of UNU-WIDER, appointed by the Rector of the United Nations University

2008- Present Member of the Consultative Board of Revista Mensaje, Santiago, Chile.

1996-2001 Member Editorial Committee Revista de Análisis Económico.
Georgetown University-Ilades, Santiago – Chile.

1992-1993 Advisory Committee. Research Center Network. Inter-American Development Bank.

1986 Member Organizing Committee. VI Latin American Meeting of the Econometric Society. Cordoba, Argentina.

1982 – 1984 Doctoral Fellow, Inter-American Foundation, United States.

1979 – 1980 Master-Fellow, Catholic University of Chile.

2016 Course: “ Globalization, Development and Crises” School of Industrial Engineering and Systems, Catholic University of Chile.

2014 Course: “Inequality and Crisis in 21st Century Capitalism”, Prague , University of Economics.

2012 Course: “Inequality, Crisis and Globalization” Prague, University of Economics.

2012-2014 Course: Globalization, Development and financial Crises, School of Industrial Engineer, Catholic University of Chile.

2001-2008 ECLAC-Summer School

2009-2012 CENDA Summer and Winter School

1999 Course: Economic Development of Latin America. Georgetown University Washington, DC, United States (Professorial Lecturer).

1992 Course: Theory of Economic Development, American University, Washington D.C. United States (Professorial Lecturer).

1986-1987 Lecturer, Georgetown University, Master of Economics Program, Georgetown University-Ilades.

1982-1987 Course: Macroeconomic Theory. Catholic University of Chile.
Course: International Macroeconomics, Catholic University of Chile.
Course: Econometrics, Catholic University of Chile (Associate Professor).

1983 Lecturer, Course: Macroeconomics I, MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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